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1:1 Makeup Lessons

Our most in-depth makeup masterclass that is all about you! We create 1 makeup look to suit your personal style, preferences and colouring - to give you the most customised experience. 

Our 1:1 Makeup Lessons cover techniques in; skincare, foundation, concealer, blush/bronzer/contouring/highlighting, eyeshadow, brows, eyeliner, lip colours and so much more. We use the "mirror technique" meaning that for your look, I will do 1 side of your face, then guide you as you have a go at re-creating the look on the other side. 

These classes are $300, 2hrs long and give you full access to every single product in my professional makeup kit. All 1:1 Makeup Lesson are conducted at our studio in Spring Mountain. 

Buying this as a gift? Ask me about making a gift card for a 1:1 class.

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