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Thank you for taking an interest in Cork & Contour Makeup Masterclasses! Have a scroll through and see what hosting a makeup masterclass could look like...

What it's like to work with me;

“I have had the pleasure of working with Cork and Contour across multiple in-centre events over the past year at Robina Town Centre. Off the back of our first event with Julia, attendee feedback was exceptional with the majority noting they would attend again. It was a no-brainer to then have C&C back for our next shopping weekend.


Julia’s masterclasses are not only thoughtfully designed to cover seasonal trends, but to also cater for your customer demographic – leading to high booking and attendance rates.


From the first communication I had with Julia, through to now our third event, it has been nothing but complete professionalism and bubbliness. Julia is always open to idea’s and will work hard to make schedules and budgets fit.


Cork & Contour masterclasses are engaging, relevant and overall such a fun time and I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

- Ashlee Hume, Marketing Manager for QIC Robina Town Centre

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What a Cork & Contour Makeup Masterclass looks like

During a Cork & Contour Makeup Masterclass participants will have the opportunity to view a step-by-step demonstration of popular makeup techniques, with breaks in between each of the steps to have a go at creating the look on themselves. It's during this part of the classes that they get 1:1 attention to help them master the look. Participants sip and blend in a relaxed environment, feeling confident with the skills they heave learnt by the time the class is over, and can practise themselves at home with the makeup products that are included in their ticket. Professional makeup, professional tools, and professional makeup artists all help create an empowering experience for all - no matter their age/sex/race/makeup style. 


  • 1 to 2 hour masterclass with all makeup brushes, makeup mirrors, and disposables provided for the duration of the class, and an average of $50rrp in makeup product for each participant to take home. Products used are always from retailers available within the centre, preferably from Mecca Maxima.

  • A comprehensive class description including the products the participants will receive and how to best prepare for the class that can be used on any ticket booking platform of your choosing.

  • Lighting and camera set up that can be linked to a TV via HDMI, as well as a model and chair.

  • $5,000 000 Professional Indemnity insurance

  • $20,000,000 Public Liability Insurance

Exclusions: Large TV screen for makeup demo to be projected onto. Seating and tables for the participants (if possible having the seating arrangement at bar height is preferred). Head set Mic (only required if in a large open space). Speaker and music for in between demonstration steps. 

Pricing: $2900/masterclass with a maximum of 24 participants including an average of $50RRP in makeup product and makeup brushes for each participant to keep.

Inclusions & Pricing

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  • If booking multiple days of classes, there is a minimum of 2 classes per day. A maximum of 4 classes a day applies to all bookings. 

  • Bookings must be confirmed a minimum of 1 month out from the booking date.

  • I allow 1hr for the initial bump in, and can reset between classes in 30mins. 

  • I am not responsible for the service of alcohol to the participants

  • Ultimately you know your clientele best but am happy to discuss different payments options that have/haven't worked in previous classes.

  • I invoice the event host for the full amount of each class. 

  • If there's anything I haven't covered - please reach out!


Let's discuss the details


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