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- Large Powder (synthetic fibres) *pro tip* Use this to apply fake tan on your hands

- Foundation Buffer (synthetic fibres) *pro tip* Use this for all cream face products

- Angled powder (synthetic fibres)

- Small Powder (synthetic fibres)

- Under-Eye Buffer (synthetic fibres) *pro tip* Use this in a patting motion to gently blend in your concealer

- Highlighter Brush (natural fibres)

- All-Over-Blender (natural fibres) *pro tip* Use this with your bronzer all over the eyelid for a 1-and-done eyeshadow look

- Tapered Blender (natural fibres)

- Flat concealer (synthetic fibres) *pro tip* Use this to sharpen up your eyeshadow or winged liner

- Domed Blender (natural fibres)

- Pencil Brush(synthetic fibres) *pro tip* use this to highlight small areas like the inner corner and cupid’s bow

- Flat Shadow (synthetic fibres)

- Detail Blender (synthetic fibres)

- Shadow Wing (synthetic fibres) *pro tip* Use this to etch in a wing shape with your favourite eyeshadows 

- Flat Detail (synthetic fibres) *pro tip* use the straight edge to create a crisp lip line

- Brow Brush (synthetic fibres)

Essential Brush Set

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