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Wedding Prep

All the things you need to do to prepare for wedding day hair and makeup. Please pass this information onto anyone who is receiving hair or makeup. 

Skincare products

Skincare & Tanning

No new skin care or new skin treatments within 1 month of your wedding day incase you have a reaction. If you get any blemishes, do not squeeze them! They're super easy to cover but makeup won't adhere to open skin. If you're getting a spray tan do this 2 days before you wedding date or whenever your professional tanner recommends.

On the day of, please come with freshly washed skin with no makeup on.

Hair Care

For all hair services please come with clean, dry hair.  The night before, do 2 x shampoos, making sure you give your scalp a good scrub. Condition the ends of your hair only. Blow-dry your hair so that it is 100% dry. Any hair that needs to be blow dried will cost $80. A little myth is that dirty hair is easier to style, but it's actually a lot harder and won't get the best result.

Hair Salon Hairdresser


I can wait to see you for your wedding day! I will arrive at your getting ready location at the time outlined on your wedding morning planner. Please note the parking situation, if possible let me know the day before if there is on-site parking available. If it's a hotel please find out if they have visitor parking. Any parking fees will be passed onto you.

I'd love to be able to tag you and your vendors in any photos that I post or repost. Please let me know your socials and the socials of your hairstylist, photographer, videographer, florist, dress designer and any other vendors that help create your day as well any any specific hashtags that you use.

My contact number is 0423 150 420 and is the quickest way for you to reach me. 

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